(Please read all the information on this page prior to contacting)  

Hunter Valley 



Cessnock Masonic Hall  - Tuesdays Thursdays.

7.00pm - 8.30.

Adam Kiefel - 0411-836-238

John Cantor - 0407-228-395

Nate John - 0406-909-010

Newcastle -  CARDIFF

Monday and Weds. Nights

New & Prospective Students should Contact: Adam Ross

0417-659-908 (SMS Please)


New & Prospective Students should

Contact: Nicholas Lynn

0438-598-101 (SMS Please)

Click on the icon and follow training announcements on Facebook for Hunter Valley training days and times as they occur.


Regular training in Cessnock Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7.00pm

Cardiff - Monday and Wed nights from 7.00pm. 


Please use Facebook Messenger to advise if you'd like to attend a complimentary session.

We do get affected by the halls been booked for special events and teachers announce park training in Newcastle during the week.


Once a month Saturday Mornings Black Belt training in Quorrobolong - outside of Cessnock - for Black-belts and above. 




If you are new to the Bujinkan initial lesson and discussion is no cost.

Casual fees are calculated from a min $20.00 per session basis.

High School Students $10.00 per session -$60.00 for the month

Monthly  fees - $100 for the month

(entitles students to visit sister dojos during the week and train for $5.00 dojo fee.)

There is a yearly membership fee of $50 due ON BEING ACCEPTED to train - this cover the yearly insurance.

The membership fee is due end of June each year. 

You - or your parent or guardian -  MUST SIGN THE WAIVER - before being permitted on the dojo mats.


This means you can attend sessions Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday between Cessnock and Cardiff dojo's.


Prospective students must contact one of the instructors to receive permission to attend a session - and simply allow the instructor to prepare and 'look out for ' a new face.

Children under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. 

NO training can be undertaken without signing a waiver. This document demonstrates that the student/ or their guardians acknowledge their own choice and responsibility to train in a martial art and indeminifies Bujinkan Kokusai Dojo instructors, venue providers and guest instructors to any liability for action taken by the student in or outside the dojo. This is a legal obligation and all care is taken to avoid injury.  Nonetheless this is a martial art that trains with weapons - safe, hard and edged. Like cricket, football, rock-climbing or any physical pursuit, accidents can happen and it is expected that as an adult, a student be responsible for their actions and choices.The same applies to a parent/guardian granting permission to a child - under the age of 18 - to attend training.

Please click on the icon to download the Training Waiver. 

The Waiver must be handed to the instructor prior to receiving training.

Please also note that ignoring an instructors direction for personal safety or that of their training partner will lead to that student being asked to leave the dojo.




Prospective Students: If you have martial art training gi from another school that is fine to wear until the time that you are ready to commit.  Otherwise please bring a practical track suit pants and thick old top.  It is fine that women wear additional chest protection as men might feel inclined to wear groin protection if they feel this is necessary. Please use common sense. Should you wish to order a training uniform please see the Supplies Page.


Weekend Seminars are held with Guest intructors throughout the year.  It is hoped that students make every effort to attend.

Fees for these are relative to covering airfares hall hire and fee's associated with bringing these guest trainers across from Japan.


Depending on time limitations at venues...1.5  to 2 hrs that includes students helping lay out mats change and leave the dojo or training hall in a tidy condition. Everything done in the hall is training - as it would be in your own home. 



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